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Tiles are among the most widely used flooring materials in homes and workplaces across India and the rest of the globe. Ceramic tile is also suitable for use on walls, countertops, showers, and other surfaces. Ceramic handmade tiles are useful to you and your house since it can be used in almost every space. Ceramic tile is ecologically friendly, decreases household allergies, enhances the value of your property, and is practical, useful, and attractive, to mention a few benefits.
For both regional and international markets, we at Ceramics & Beyond operate under a single brand name. We try to achieve our mission by meeting the demands of our customers and providing the best possible service. We also want to be a leader in the ceramics sector as a whole. Our unique handcrafted tiles set us apart from the competition and readily attract customers. We can help you make your home tiles reflect your personal style and elegance.

Best Types of Tiles:

  • Handmade Tiles
  • Handprinted Tiles
  • Tiles for Swimming Pool
  • Mosaics Tiles
  • Traditional Art Tiles

Moreover, we at CERAMICS & BEYOND welcome changes in line with current trends, as well as innovations and relentless improvements. We allow our employees to operate in an open environment where they may collaborate effectively and communicate openly. With our high-quality tiles, you can be sure that your home will have a beautiful royal appearance and feel.

We also seek to improve outputs and develop a diverse and high-performing workforce. We have accomplished to rank among the top firms in the world, in addition to having the greatest and most current product variety. We value quality, and client happiness is our primary goal.

What are the Different Types of Tiles used in Indian Homes?

While stone, wood, marble, and natural stone are popular flooring components, India's tile business is dominated by various types of tiles. Porcelain and vitrified tiles are very popular. We Indians perform a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and washing of floors in the country. As a result, tiles are the ideal alternative since they are not porous and do not need to be replaced frequently.
Picking tiles for flooring may be challenging whether you are renovating or building a new house. It's possible that you'll have to visit stores several times to look through all of your alternatives. Finally, you should get the assistance of a professional like Ceramic & Beyond to assist you in making your decision.
Here's a brief rundown of the many types of tiles available in India and how to choose the appropriate one.

Vitrified tiles They are comparable to ceramic tiles, however they are constructed of materials other than clay. To create vitrified tiles robust, durable, and non-porous, feldspar, silica, and quartz are added. Vitrified tiles provide a number of advantages. They are ideal for use as flooring in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, restroom, and family room. Because they are frost and moisture - resistant, homeowners choose to utilise them outside.

Mosaic Tile In India, mosaic tiles may be found in palaces and historic buildings. They are associated with opulence and majesty. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, are not ideal for large families; they also require a lot of upkeep. Another issue with mosaic tiles is that if they are not well kept, they may fade and make the entire space seem shabby. As a result, it's best to utilise them in areas where there isn't a lot of foot traffic. They will be able to endure longer as a result of this.

Natural Stone Natural stone tiles come in a variety of colours and designs, so you may select one that matches your style or, more likely, the colour of your walls. This becomes the ideal alternative for people who like their house to have an earthy vibe.

How to Choose the Right Tiles – Important Factors to Consider

When it comes to selecting tiles, there are a few things to consider, the most important of which is: what best meets your and your family's needs?

Take into account the following:

  • What are we doing in this room?
  • Do we want tiles for the walls, the floors, or both?
  • If both, do we want them to compliment or match?
  • Is it necessary for the floor tiles to be durable, or will we be walking on them in slippers or barefoot?
  • Do we have a pet to think about? Or what about kids?

These responses will point you in the right direction for the tile you require.
After that, you should start browsing for ideas! Ceramic & Beyond’s website and articles are excellent sources of inspiration for your project.

Important things to keep in mind

  • Don't be lured down the road of "I like it but I'm not going to use it because I could get off track."
  • When it comes to tiles, size doesn't really matter. If you want to use a huge tile in a tiny bathroom, go for it — the less grout lines you have, the bigger the space will appear. If you wish to utilise a little mosaic tile, go ahead and do so, or combine sizes. Nobody else's house, it's yours.
  • Some tiles are only suited for walls, and this is entirely dependent on the thickness and durability of the tile; nevertheless, unless the tile is large, there is no reason why you can't put a floor tile on a wall.
    Many tiles are becoming multi-use, which means they may be used on both walls and floors for a more seamless look.

Advantages of Choosing CERAMICS & BEYOND for Premium Quality Tiles

CERAMICS & BEYOND Tiles provides many specialist services to assist you in designing your dream house that represents your individuality and style. We take pleasure in the quality of all we make and give to our valued clients at "Ceramics & Beyond." We provide a large selection of tiles to suit your needs, including handcrafted tiles, hand painted tiles, handmade tiles, and swimming pool tiles, among others.

With the goal of exceeding our clients' expectations, we have an all-new advanced supply of tiles on hand to satisfy day-to-day needs in accordance with current demands and styles. Furthermore, we want to establish a long-term connection with our clients by ensuring their integrity, respect, and confidence.

Our Product Range

Ceramic Tiles

We specialise in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramics & beyond is technologically the most contemporary factory.


Handprinted Tiles

We specialise in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramics & beyond is technologically the most contemporary factory.


Swimming Pool Tiles

We specialise in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramics & beyond is technologically the most contemporary factory.



We specialise in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramics & beyond is technologically the most contemporary factory.

How to Choose the Right Handmade Tiles for Your Home –
Important Factors to Consider

Handmade tiles can make a big impact in your home, whether you use them for a backsplash in the kitchen or a statement wall in the living room. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which ones are right for your space.


Here are top 6 factors to keep in mind as you shop for handmade tiles: -

1) Material of the Tile

2) Size and Shape of the Tiles

3) Pattern of the Tiles

4) Colour of the Tiles

5) Budget

6) Durability

7) Care and Maintenance of the Tiles

In this article, we are going to discuss all the mentioned key factors while buying tiles for your home.


Material of the Tile: -

Material of the Tile is one the key factors to be considered when choosing handmade tiles. In most cases, this will be ceramic, clay or concrete, but there are also other options available such as hand painted tiles, stone tiles, mosaics tiles etc.


Size and Shape of the Tiles: -

Next, you’ll want to think about the size and shape of your tiles. This is especially important if you plan to use them on a wall, as it will allow you to create a more seamless look.


Colour: -

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is the colours that are used in your tiles. Of course, these things can vary from tile to tile, but it’s important to know what’s available so that you can find something that best fits your home.


Budget and Cost: -

You’ll also want to think about the cost of your tiles. While most of these options are going to be more expensive than standard tiles, there are some that can offer a more affordable price point.


Durability: -

Different types of tiles last for different lengths of time, so it's important to know how long you'll need them to last. If you want more durability, you have to go with the bigger budget.


Care and Maintenance of the Tiles: -

This is also an imperative point while selecting the right handmade tiles for your home. Proper care and maintenance can make them last longer.


Buy Tiles from the Best Handmade Tiles Manufacturer in Delhi, India: -

It’s always recommended to buy tiles from the leading tiles manufacturer. CERAMICS & BEYOND is the India’s premium handmade tiles manufacturer and supplier based in Delhi that offering top-notch designer handmade tiles for flooring, kitchen and bathroom and other types of tiles requirements.

Extended warranty and prompt customer support are the key USPs of this company. Not only the product durability but also the pricing is the top feature that customers love to recommend them to their extended families and friends.

CERAMICS & BEYOND offers wide ranges of ceramic tiles for all types of residential and commercial building needs.

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