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Disinfection in Food Processing Unit


How The Air Disinfection Takes Place By Ozone

Ozone is very highly reactive and the strongest commercially available disinfecting agent. Ozone is the most efficient broad-spectrum microbiological control substance and the fastest oxidizing agent.

Ozone is a very strong disinfectant and bactericide and this property make it very useful for control of microbiological contamination in different applications. Ozone is used extensively today for improving the food quality with reference to preserving freshness & longer shelf life. There are different methods of using the Ozone for disinfecting the environment, sterilizing the water, air and the food items.

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When a controlled concentration of Ozone is maintained in air it destroys all kind of Bacteria, Viruses, mould, cysts or any kind of infection in a very short duration. This avoids or retards any kind of decay caused by Bacteria and thus provides a long shelf life of the products or storage duration. Ozone is very unstable while reacting and decomposes back to Oxygen, this property of Ozone provides, major contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Need For Air Disinfection

Environmental Air of a Food Processing Industry is kept free from any Pathogenic & Spoilage Micro-organisms etc. This is essential to preserve freshness and increased shelf life of the product.

  • The Problem Food processing industries, Dairies, Pharmaceutical Industries or similar plant areas should be free from any kind if infection. This is achieved presently by fumigation and by the application of different chemicals. The Disinfection so achieved is non-uniform, inconsistent and a batch process. The process is undesirable as it leaves chemical residue on food items, on production areas and equipment. The problem is becoming more acute in today's context especially by the exporters.
  • The Solution What is needed is a way to constantly, quickly and economically eliminates Bacteria, virus, mold and mildew, Odor and other unpleasant smell without use of any harmful chemicals & fumigant. Fortunately Ozone is coming to our rescue to provide an environment friendly Disinfection solution.

    Today, many leading names in the industry are turning to Ozone treatment to purify air in storages process and other sensitive areas of a Food processing, Dairies and Pharmaceutical Industries. Unlike usual chemicals, "Ozone the nature's most powerful purifying agent" actually eliminates any kind of contaminations through natural oxidation.
  • Ozone Concentration to be Maintained in the Treatment Area An Ozone concentration of 0.01 to 0.08 PPM is adequate for achieving total sterilization of the affected area. The actual concentration required to be maintained depends upon the product, the criticality of the area, and extent of bacterial load and the method of application.
  • Limit of Ozone Concentration Ozone Concentration should not exceed more than 0.1 PPM where operating persons are present, for eight hours or more per workday, and no worker should be exposed to a limiting concentration of Ozone in excess of 0.6 mg/m³ (0.3 PPM by volume) for more than ten minutes. This limit is set as per OSHA standards.
  • Monitoring and Control of Ozone Concentration For the safety of the operating persons it is desirable that the concentration of Ozone be continuously monitored, controlled and should not exceed 0.1 PPM by volume.

    The monitoring system is equipped with high and low level set points. Higher set point can be used for an alarm and giving warning incase of higher concentration.

Uses of Ozone increasing the shelf life of the food products

In most of the cases the stalling of any Food product is due to the growth of Bacteria and viruses, if we reduce the same with the help of some means we can increase its shelf life. But it is also equally important that the additive should be such which does not leave any residue in the final product and thus we are only left with one chemical that is OZONE. Ozone is a Triatomic state of oxygen and after disinfection and sterilization it converts back to Oxygen without leaving any residue. In your case we can use Ozone in following ways:

  • Environmental Air Sterilization System The air inside the packing and processing hall can be made disinfected with the help of diffusing Ozone into the Packing or processing hall we can make area completely sterilized without use of any fumigants or chemicals.
  • Direct Treatment of Product Ozone can be bubbled or can be recirculated along with the product into the tank for reducing bacterial count. However, direct contact of product is a critical application and is to be carried out at most care. In case the Ozone contact is higher than the recommended limits, certain chemical changes contents may take place, which are undesirable. However, we can suggest you an appropriate system only after series of tests at your works.
  • The water used for Processing can be made total disinfected. The water is used in number for applications in a food processing company, which includes washing of fruits and vegetables, meat products, fisheries, prawn and other products, cleaning the places adding to products and mixing into the process. The application of water can make the product highly infected in case the water is not disinfected or sterilized as per the standards. We have water treatment sterilization and equipment for production of ultra pure water for food processing applications.
  • With the help of Ozonated Showers the containers and machines can be cleaned.