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Air Purification & Odour Control By Ozone


Why Air purification and Odour Control is necessary?

Today's Hotels, its critical areas like butchery, kitchen, food preparation area, restaurants, bars and similar areas are centrally air conditioned and create its own form of indoor air pollution or commonly known as "sick building syndrome" due to nearly-air tight construction and absence of enough fresh air from out side.

Some foul odour can be literally built-in with organic products, smoke, meat, fishes and left over food products. These materials often contain high Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) content which can cause rashes and nausea. The unpleasant smell is not only bad enough, but allergic reaction can be a more serious problem.

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What is required?

What is needed is a way to quickly and economically eliminate the foul smell generated by meat products different biological sources, mustiness from mold and mildew, stale tobacco odour and other unpleasant odors.

What is the solution?

Ozone treatment is a proven & a viable solution to purify & de-odorize air in hotels, butcheries, restaurants, bars, health clubs, offices, guest rooms and other rooms. Unlike air-freshness or chemicals, "Ozone the nature's most powerful purifying agent" does not mask the odour like deodorization sprays, but actually eliminates them through natural oxidation. It has been shown in various tests that alertness and efficiency of an individual increase appreciably in the environment of controlled Ozone.

How Ozone can be used for Air Purification & Odour Control?

Ozone is a very strong oxidizer and has powerful purifying property. It has a strong potential to remove organic odour by oxidizing odour-causing molecules. A very small and safe concentration of Ozone can purify and de-odorize air much better than any de-odorizing spray. Today Ozone is considered by most to be the best available and advanced technology and a much better alternative than using chemicals.

How do we estimate quantity of Ozone (gm/hr) for a specific area?

Ozone required to be dosed in a specific area e.g. a hotel room ,butchery, restaurant, bar or a basement office depends upon the size (volume) of the room, position of air handling system, level & nature of Odour extent of VOC, temperature of the area and presence of moisture.

Ozone quantity is correctly estimated by taking various parameters into consideration using a computer programme. However for a rough estimation, as a thumb rule, for an area of less odour and clean e.g. hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms, 1 gm/hr Ozone is required for 6,000 Cu.ft. space, while for area of higher bacterial contamination and foul smell as butchery, basement rooms, moist stinking areas, 1 gm/hr Ozone is need for 3,000 Cu.ft. space.

After dosing the estimated Ozone, in case the concentration of Ozone in environment is higher than 0.05 ppm (where persons are present) the amount of Ozone being dosed should be reduced.

What is the Concentration of Ozone, required to be maintained in the Area?

A very small Ozone concentration of 0.02 to 0.08 PPM is adequate for achieving air purification & deodorization, however on this concentration little more time is needed to get the desired results. Actual concentration required to be maintained at a place depends upon the presence of persons, type and nature of odour, the criticality of the area, duration required to purify and extent of foul smell. If no body is present in the room higher concentrations can be used for faster results.

What is the Limit of Ozone Concentration where persons are present?

Ozone Concentration should not exceed more than 0.1 PPM where persons are present, for eight hours or more per work day, and no person be exposed to a ceiling concentration of Ozone in excess of 0.6 mg/m³ (0.3 PPM by volume) for more than ten minutes. This limit is set as per OSHA standards. As per ASHERE 0.05 PPM is the limit of Ozone concentration where persons are present.


What is a Ozone Purification & De-odourisation System & How it works?

Controlled quantity of Ozone is diffused into the environment:

  • Using individual Ozone Generators of small capacity e.g. 0.5 or 0.75 gm/hr.
  • Through a network of diffusers into the affected area, The diffusers are connected to a Central Ozonator.
  • If an Air Handling System exists, it is better to use Duct mounted Ozonators in the duct emerging out from AHU. The injected Ozone gets mixed with the total air stream and provides a uniform distribution and effective deodorization.

Ozone Air purification is a continuous and safe process.

Monitoring and Control of Ozone Concentration

Concentration of Ozone in air is monitored by Ozone Monitors using semi-conductors based sensors manufactured by CREATIVE OZ-AIR (I) PVT. LTD". For Automatic regulation of Ozone concentrationa feed back loop can be used. The monitoring system is equipped with high & low level alarm, which can be used for providing warnings or control signals.

Uses of Ozone increasing the shelf life of the food products

In most of the cases the stalling of any Food and meat, fishes, etc. are due to the growth of Bacteria and viruses, if we reduce the same with the help of some means we can increases its shelf life. But it is also equally important that the additive should be such which does not leave any residue in the final product and thus we are only left with one chemical that is OZONE.. Ozone is a Triatomic state of oxygen and after disinfection and sterilization it converts back to Oxygen without leaving any residue. In your case we can use Ozone in following ways:

  • Environmental Air Sterilization System The air inside the packing and processing hall can be made disinfected with the help of diffusing Ozone into the Packing or processing hall we can make area completely sterilized without use of any fumigants or chemicals.
  • Director Treatment of Product Ozone can be brought in direct contact with the product for reducing bacterial count. The Ozone contact and concentration is controlled as per the automatic regulation. However, we can suggest you an appropriate system only after studying the situation at site.
  • The water used for washing of fruits and vegetables, meat products, fisheries, prawn and other products, cleaning the places adding to product and mixing into the process can be disinfected Ozone. We have water treatment sterilization and equipment for production of disinfected pure water for food processing applications.
  • With the help of Ozonated Showers the containers and machines can be sterilized.