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How Microbial Counts are controlled by Ozonated Water?

Ozone is a most efficient Natural Broad Spectrum Microbiological control substance and very reactive Disinfecting agent. In case the Vegetables & Fruits are washed with strong Ozonated water, not only the microbial load on to the surface get reduced or the Ozonated water destroys any Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and Pathogens on the surface of food items washed with this water, in a very short duration.

The pesticides (which are long chain organic components) gets oxidized to short chain components and finally into harmless elements. To conclude, the Ozonated water or the strong disinfected water used for washing of Vegetables & Fruits and fruits will make them fresh, longer shelf life and organically harmless. Today use of Ozonated water is considered by most to be the best available and advanced technology for washing fruits and vegetables, CIP and many other applications and a much better alternative than using chemicals.

The Equipment consists of a SS-316 Conical Bottom Tank of requisite capacity, housed with Top Bottom Jet Spray Mechanism for efficiently washing, two SS-316 perforated Grid baskets which are used one by one in the washing system. The basket been designed so that two persons can easily lift the tray with Vegetables & Fruits for washing, removing and further loading into the trays.


  • High Concentration Ozone for effective sterilization
  • Long life, Micro Controller based system design
  • Kills all types of bacteria, virus or pathogens
  • Setting of time by Electronic timer
  • Various built in protection for safe & long life of reliable operation
  • Cyclic timing operation on request
  • Sterilization of vegetables, fruits, fishes & meat
  • Detoxification & Pesticide disintegration in Vegetables & Fruits
  • Lesser water Consumption without use of any chemicals.
  • Does not give load to the ETP or waste water treatment plants



Ozone destroys all types of contaminants and pesticides with ease, leaving vegetables and fruits fresh and safe to consume. However, it is necessary to determine the safety limits of exposure to Ozone in order to prevent damage on food and human health.

Yes, Ozonated water is considered safe for washing Vegetables & Fruits. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that can kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens commonly found on produce. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the Ozone Veg Washer properly.

Typically, the Ozone Veg Washer may require periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Tested by several research groups, Ozone proved to be effective in minimizing problems related to food contamination against most microorganisms, acting in the decontamination of the product surface, water treatment, and degradation of pesticide residues.

Yes, the Ozone Veg Washer can generally be used for a wide variety of Vegetables & Fruits, including leafy greens, root vegetables, fruits, and others. However, it's essential to handle delicate produce with care to avoid damage during the washing process.

Ozone itself is an environmentally friendly disinfectant as it decomposes back into oxygen after use, leaving no harmful residues. However, the environmental impact of the Ozone Veg Washer may also depend on factors such as energy consumption and water usage, which could vary depending on the specific model and usage patterns.

Yes, Ozonated water can be reused if water is clean. Generally, 3-4 batch of Vegetables & Fruits washed with Ozonated water. When you see water is dirty replace the water.

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