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Ozone Based Sterilization Tunnels


To sanitize objects, people, moving vehicles, the best way to do it is by evenly applying layer of Anti-Virus & bacteriological disinfectant on surface to sanitized. OZ-AIR® has conceptualized reliable, Modular, Maintenance friendly & consumable free, state-of-the-art concept of Ozone based sterilization system using spraying of Ozone & Hydroxyl ion in controlled air or water mixture to prevent & combat viral infections.

The system is based on principle of using mist spraying of Ozone plus hydroxyl ion in control permitted levels on the whole body to quickly disinfect the body surface. Desired Disinfectant solutions is prepared by in-built AMS System (Automatic Mixing System) and ensure safety for sensitive skin areas.

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The system, can disinfect up to 99.99 percent of the virus, which has the size of one-900th of the width of a human hair, that might have still last on surfaces, either the clothes, shoes, or bags. The chamber consists of an infrared sensor installed inside the chamber that automatically activates the disinfection spraying process once a person steps in. It takes one 30 seconds to complete a round of disinfection. Dimensions, Sterilization Cycle time & Automation can be of customized to suit the requirement.

  • Combined use of Ozone, UV & OH- technologies
  • User friendly & green technology
  • No consumables requirement
  • Microprocessor controlled operator interface
  • BMS or Data logging interface
  • Accurate sensors & control systems for safety
  • SS-316 reactor housing and pipelines
  • Customized to suit the requirements

Working of OZ-AIR® ANO-OZ Tunnels
  • Tunnels are walk through tunnels get actuated automatically when person enters with Motion sensor
  • Suitable for 24 x 7 hrs. Operation
  • 360o Sanitizing air or water solution is sprayed on the persons for controlled time.
  • Concentration of Ozone & Hydroxyl Ion will not be more than 70 PPB in internal chamber for safe operation.
  • System is consumable free, only requires Power & water source (in case of Ozonized water spray system)
  • Size of Tunnels can be customized to suit the requirement, sized normally manufactured are 4x4x8 ft, 6x4x9 ft, 8x4x8 ft
  • Thermal scanning & Data Logging System can be integrated in sterilization tunnels as an option.


An ozone-based sterilization tunnel is an enclosed structure equipped with ozone generators designed to disinfect objects, surfaces, or even people by exposing them to ozone gas.

Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms by oxidizing their cellular components. When exposed to ozone, these pathogens are rendered inactive, preventing reproduction and the spread of infections.

Ozone sterilization tunnels are used in various settings, including hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities, public transportation systems, and airports, to disinfect surfaces, equipment, tools, and even clothing.

While ozone is an effective disinfectant, it can be harmful to humans if inhaled in high concentrations. Therefore, it's essential to use ozone-based sterilization tunnels with proper safety measures, such as controlling ozone levels, ensuring adequate ventilation, and following guidelines for exposure limits.

The duration of the sterilization process depends on factors such as the concentration of ozone, the size of the sterilization chamber, and the types of pathogens being targeted. Typically, exposure times can range from a few minutes to several hours.

Ozone-based sterilization is generally effective against a wide range of pathogens. However, some materials, such as certain plastics, rubber, and sensitive electronic devices, may be susceptible to damage from prolonged exposure to ozone and should be evaluated for compatibility before sterilization.

Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be regulations or guidelines regarding the use of ozone-based sterilization equipment. It's essential to familiarize oneself with local regulations, industry standards, and best practices for safe operation.

Ozone-based sterilization tunnels can be a valuable addition to a comprehensive disinfection strategy but may not necessarily replace other methods entirely. Depending on the specific application and requirements, a combination of disinfection methods, including ozone-based sterilization, may be employed to achieve optimal results.

Precautions include ensuring proper ventilation to prevent ozone buildup, monitoring ozone levels to maintain safe concentrations, implementing safety protocols for personnel operating the equipment, and following manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and calibration. Additionally, it's essential to provide clear instructions and warnings to users regarding potential hazards associated with ozone exposure.

Ozone is a potent oxidizing agent and can have environmental impacts if released into the atmosphere in large quantities. Proper containment, capture, and destruction of excess ozone are essential to minimize environmental effects. Additionally, the energy consumption associated with ozone generation should be considered when evaluating the environmental footprint of ozone-based sterilization systems.

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