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Ozone Concentration Monitors

Ozone Leak Detector

Ozone monitors (also known as ozone detectors or ozone analyzers) are devices that are used to measure the concentration of ozone in the air. Our Advanced Ozone monitors and controllers measures accurate and fast environmental Ozone Concentration in a flexible cost effective package. The outputs include analog voltage, relay and status indicators Digital Read out with RS-232 communication interface for ease of operation. The signal from Ozone sensor is fed to the Central Controller for necessary feedback and control. Central Controller keeps the Ozone Concentration of environment in the set limits as per standards.

Model OZ-AIR® SM-50-O3
Range 0-5.0 PPM ~ 5000 PPB
Resolution 0.01 PPM ~ 1 PPB
Type Semiconductor Metal Oxide Based
Power supply 220-230 VAC / 50 Hz / 1 PE / 0.02 KW
  • Monitoring environmental ozone concentration
  • Medical and Pharma area sterilization
  • Food items disinfection
  • Food processing, packing and processing areas
  • Ozone Test Chambers
  • Industrial applications
  • Calibration
  • Air treatment

A dissolved ozone monitor and controller is a device that is used to monitor and control the levels of dissolved ozone in water. Dissolved ozone monitors and controllers are used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and aquaculture. They can help to ensure the safe and effective use of dissolved ozone in these industries by maintaining the correct ozone levels and preventing overexposure to this powerful oxidizer.

It's important to ensure that the dissolved ozone monitor and controller is properly calibrated and maintained to ensure accurate and reliable readings. Regular calibration, maintenance, and replacement of sensors are important for maintaining the optimal performance of the monitor and controller.

  • Indication of dissolved Ozone in ppm
  • Online indicator and controller
  • Microprocessor based modern design
  • Very reliable and long life
Model OZ-AIR® ODMC-2
Range 0.05-10.0 mg/lit
Least Count 0.05 mg/lit (ppm)
Sensor Gel Filled Electrode
Min. Detectable Level Under 0.01 mg/lit available
Power Supply 220-230 VAC / 50 Hz / 1 PE

An ozone test kit is a device that is used to measure the concentration of ozone in a specific environment or application. Ozone test kits are commonly used for industrial hygiene monitoring, indoor air quality assessments, and water treatment applications.

Together with the CHECKIT® Comparator, each test kit includes CHECKIT® Discs, cells, stirring rod and Lovibond® reagents (for 30 tests) for the desired test. The test kits are supplied in a sturdy and handy plastic case.

Make LOVIBOND Germany
Product Code 511220BT
Calorimetric Determination using DPD Tablets
Range of Measurement 0-2.5 mg/lit
Least Count 0.01 mg/lit
Accessories along with Kit
* Test Tablets 30 Tablets
* Comparator with Ozone Test Disc
* 2 Glass Tubes for sample