Bottle type non-woven bag

A "bottle type non-woven bag" could refer to a bag designed specifically for carrying bottles. These bags are often crafted with features that make them suitable for securely holding and transporting bottles, such as those used for beverages, wine, or other bottled products. Here are some features you might find in a bottle-type non-woven bag:

Dividers or Pockets: These bags may have compartments, dividers, or pockets designed to hold individual bottles securely. This prevents the bottles from clinking against each other and reduces the risk of breakage.

Reinforced Bottom: To provide additional support and stability, the bottom of the bag may be reinforced. This helps distribute the weight of the bottles more evenly.

Handle Design: The handles of the bag might be reinforced or designed to provide a comfortable grip, even when the bag is carrying a significant weight from the bottles.

Closure Mechanism: Depending on the design, the bag may have a closure mechanism to keep the bottles secure. This could be a zipper, Velcro, or some other form of fastening.

Customization: Like other non-woven bags, these bags can be customized with different colors, prints, and logos. This makes them suitable for promotional purposes or branding.

Material: Non-woven polypropylene is a common material for these bags due to its strength and durability. It also offers the advantage of being reusable.

Eco-Friendly: Just like other non-woven bags, these bags contribute to sustainability efforts by providing a reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags.