Loop Handle Bag

Loop handle non-woven bags are another type of eco-friendly and reusable bags, similar to D-cut non-woven bags. The primary difference lies in the handle design. In loop handle non-woven bags, the handles are in the form of loops, making them more comfortable to carry. These bags are often chosen for their convenience and stylish appearance.

Here are some key features of loop handle non-woven bags:

Handle Design: The loop handles are typically attached to the top of the bag, creating a continuous loop on both sides. This design allows for easy and comfortable carrying over the shoulder or by hand.

Durability: Like D-cut non-woven bags, loop handle non-woven bags are made from non-woven polypropylene material, providing durability and strength for carrying items.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly: These bags are reusable and contribute to reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bags. They are considered more environmentally friendly due to their recyclable nature.

Customization: Loop handle non-woven bags can be customized with various colors, designs, and logos, making them popular for promotional and branding purposes.

Versatility:They are suitable for various purposes, including shopping, events, trade shows, and promotional giveaways.