W-cut non-woven bags

"W-cut" non-woven bags are another common type of non-woven bag, and the term "W-cut" refers to the shape of the handle. The W-cut design features die-cut handles in the shape of the letter "W" and is often used for carrying lightweight items. These bags are popular for various purposes, including shopping, promotional events, and giveaways.

Here are some key features and uses of W-cut non-woven bags:

Handle Design: The W-cut design involves die-cutting the bag material to create a handle that resembles the letter "W." This design is simple yet functional, allowing for easy carrying of the bag.

Lightweight and Economical: W-cut non-woven bags are typically lightweight and cost-effective, making them suitable for carrying lighter items. They are often chosen for promotional giveaways at events, where a cost-efficient yet practical solution is needed.

Customization: Like other non-woven bags, W-cut bags can be easily customized with logos, designs, and promotional messages. This customization makes them a popular choice for businesses looking to promote their brand.

Promotional Giveaways: W-cut non-woven bags are commonly used as promotional giveaways at trade shows, events, and exhibitions. Their simple design and cost-effectiveness make them ideal for mass distribution.

Retail and Grocery Shopping: These bags are also used in retail settings, especially for lightweight items or as an alternative to plastic bags at grocery stores.

Brand Visibility: The large surface area of W-cut bags allows for prominent branding, ensuring that the company's logo or message is easily visible to users and those around them.