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Automatic voltage Stabilizer

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer

Gayatri Industry's range of Automatic voltage stabilizers are the best in the industry and are highly competitive because of its performance and features. These automatic voltage stabilisers consist of a contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic and control circuit. When the voltage fluctuates or there is a variation in the load, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor which adjusts the position of carbon brush of the auto voltage regulator. The output voltage then adjusts to a rated value and gets a steady state.

The automatic voltage stabilizers that are used in houses has the function of connecting through a commercial power. Compared to its competitors, these have an edge because of its reliability because of the presence of an IC controlled trigger circuit. Additionally, the powder coated paint on the product protects it from moisture and rust and longer durability. These highly advanced stabilizers are designed in such a way that they experience low copper and iron losses during operation. Gayatri industry has been a market leader in the manufacturing and supply of Automatic Voltage stabilisers which are powered to provide consistent voltage even under unstable power conditions. They are very low on maintenance and are fabricated according to the Client's specifications. These can be used in a variety of electrical appliances, both for domestic and commercial purposes.

These stabilizers have a transformer and a power control circuit for controlling output AC voltage. The control circuit controls the voltage or power automatically and regulates it to a pre-set level or requirement. The best part of these is that the voltage regulator doesn't require any manual intervention in its entire operation as it functions automatically. Once it is set, you need not check the voltage, every time there is a voltage fluctuation. These power regulators are typically used for home appliances like refrigerator & air conditioner. They have a Digital IC Controlled circuit and its 'no-load losses' technology makes it the most economical stabiliser in its segment. Its Inter-Turn Insulation is tested to withstand five times the normal voltage & frequency. The high and low voltage cut-off feature ensures longer life of the compressor. Additionally, it is also characterised by an intelligent time delay system between shutdown and restarts which ensures safety of the compressor. These are suitable for a round the clock duty cycle upto 10-15 years.

As our automatic voltage stabilizers are loaded with a wide range of interesting features, they are highly in demand in residential applications for protecting your Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Bottle and water coolers, Air conditioning appliances etc. from voltage fluctuation. We are an extremely quality conscious company and don't compromise with quality at any stage from manufacturing to the final dispatch and delivery ensuring supervision of technical experts throughout.

Input Voltage: 300-460V 320-460V 340-460V 360-460V.
Efficiency : Better than 99%.
Output Voltage : 400V, +/- 1%, Phase, 50HZ.
Ambient : 0-35°C max relative humidity upto 90%
Environment : Designed for Indoor tropical use
Wave from distortion : Virtually Nil.
Duty Cycle : 100% Continuous.
Correction Rate : 8-10V/Sec. (Upto-500KVA).
Mounting : On Uni-directional wheels.
Cooling : Air Cooled/Natural Oil Cooled.

Own manufacturing Unit in Delhi | Pan India Supply | Export to Nepal,
Gulf and African Countries

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