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Single Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer SPECIFICATIONS

Single Phase Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Single phase Servo Stabilizers are one of its kind in among its competition; consisting of contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and etc. Whenever the voltage fluctuates or the load varies, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor which then adjusts the position of the carbon brush of the auto voltage regulator, adjusting the output voltage to a rated value and get a steady state.

This Single phase voltage Stabilizer connects through a commercial power. Compared to other variants in its competition, these voltage stabilizers has the advantage of variety, complete specification, compact design and features to boast of like, high efficiency, no wave distortion, reliable performance, long hours of operation. Moreover, Single phase voltage Stabilizer is equipped with a short time delay and over voltage protection. A longer time delay and under voltage protection also can be tuned according to user requirements. This produc ensures a stabilized voltage supply, widely used in any commercial and industrial locations requiring electricity and ensures uninterrupted power supply.

Our range of Single phase servo stabilisers integrates voltage stabilization and purification and adopts an advanced sine energy distributing technology. It is characterised by- high accuracy of voltage stabilization, rapid dynamic response, little distortion, strong adaptability of load and a good anti-interference of electromagnetism. It also has a contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor and automatic control circuit. Besides, it is very effective in absorbing and restraining different kinds of noises and spikes in voltage. This series of servo voltage stabilizers is widely used for lab, testing & metering equipment, medical equipment, and high-precision instruments.

These stabilisers are portable and have the function of connecting through a commercial power. Their constant and uninterrupted flow of voltage protects domestic, commercial, electrical & electronic system from power fluctuations keeping from loss of productivity

Parameter Single Phase
Capacity 1 KVA to 25 KVA
Operating Frequency 47 - 53Hz
Input Voltage Range Range I :200 - 270V
Range II : 170 - 270V
Range III :140 - 270V
Output Voltage : 230 V 1% (Adjustable)
Output Volts Regulation 1.00%
Type of Cooling Natural Air Cooled
Working Temperature 0 to 50° C
Insulation Class “B”
Output Wave Form True Reproduction of Input
Wave Form Distortion Nil
Efficiency 98% at Nominal Load
Correction Rate 15/20/35 V per second
Relative Humidity 60.00%
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
Environment: Indoor Only.

Own manufacturing Unit in Delhi | Pan India Supply | Export to Nepal,
Gulf and African Countries

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